Maybe you’d like to see my LD42 game, PolyPack? I’ve made a few more games for Ludum Dare.

Or, perhaps, you’d like to see my colorful AI ecosystem.

Here’s a little Monte Carlo board game AI that can play a few board games. See if you can beat it at Pentago!

I made a cellular automaton called Pulse2, and then I made a modular microprocessor unit in that.

My page has some of my other games.

I also have a Scratch account. Two, actually: Qwertyperson has more finished stuff, and murphyis2018 has less finished stuff.


Here’s a blue circle. What does it do? Well, you can do linear logic with it. How? No one knows. Source code here. (This will eventually be a game with a tutorial and instructions, but in the meantime you get no explanation whatsoever.)

This page contains some nonsense about lambda calculus. Eventually, it’ll be a full-fledged interactive theorem prover (hopefully).

I made a game for LD37, Upwards (post-competition version), but there’s a bug that’s making the collision detection way off, and I’m probably not going to fix it anytime soon.